Batfist of the Week – 12 December 2013

It’s been in hibernation for a while, but Batfist is back, bigger than ever with the Ashes on the brink of returning to Australia – where they belong!

Let’s hook straight into proceedings.

Honourable Mention: Blake Ferguson (Australia) (Boxing)

It wouldn’t be a knob of the week type award if an NRL player or ex player wasn’t featured every now and then and this week’s representation is none other than ex Raider Blake Ferguson.

Thug. Pretty much says it all really, doesn’t it?

Ferguson, having recently crossed from NRL to “professional” boxing, was this week convicted of indecently assaulting a woman in nightclub 2230 whilst out celebrating his State of Origin selection.

Ferguson’s not guilty plea with a defence of “I thought she was someone else” didn’t appear to be looked upon too favourably, and with sentencing adjourned, Ferguson faces up to two years jail for his groping – potentially knocking any return to an NRL club for six.

Huh.  A similar result to his boxing debut, I guess.

Third Place: Port Elizabeth Kiwi supporters for the Blitzbokke/New Zealand 7s final (South Africa) (Rugby 7s)

Thugs.  Pretty much says it all here too. With the emotions running high after the passing of Nelson Mandela, the Port Elizabeth 7s being played at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium and the Blitzbokke facing their mortal enemy New Zealand, it was bound to be a ripping match and full of feeling.  The Blitzbokke had everything to play for and with the weight of the nation’s hopes sitting on their shoulders, performed admirably in taking out the victory 17-14 after trailing 14-0.

But it was what occurred during the Blitzbokke’s victory lap that was truly vile.

South African based Kiwi supporters spat at the victors, on a weekend that the country was mourning a man universally recognised as one of the leading figures in unity, tolerance and friendship.

Find them, ban them and make sure they’re never allowed to attend a live sporting event again.  Disgraceful behaviour that should be stamped out.

Second Place: Cricket Australia/CA Digital Media twitter account (Australia) (Cricket)

What an interesting few hours it was for the Cricket Australia (now CA Digital Media) twitter account it was, in the lead up to the Second Ashes test.

You would think that in this day and age, a corporate Twitter account would have some grasp of what can and can’t be said and implied on social media.  You would also think that one as far reaching as Cricket Australia – with over 269,000 followers around the world – would have some stringent rules applied to it’s social media postings.

You would think wrong.

Just a week after an announcer was sacked in Alice Springs for announcing Monty Panesar’s name in an Indian accent, the Cricket Australia twitter account decided to post this:


Probably not the smartest post it has made.

Given the issues surrounding Panesar earlier in the week, the CA account quickly re-branded itself to it’s now CA Digital Media (along with a couple of different names along the way) and marked itself as being the “independent arm” of CA news and media.

It raises two issues:

1.  If Cricket Australia could simply re-brand itself whenever it did anything stupid, why didn’t it do so in the last Ashes tour; and

2.  Is Monty Panesar the only Englishman to have had two Australians sacked from their sports positions within the space of a week?

Winner – Batfist of the Week – Turkish Football Federation

With the infinite wisdom that is the Turkish Football Federation, this week’s genius marketing has seen the league effectively stoop to new lows.

With the passing of Nelson Mandela, Galatasaray forward Didier Drogba (originally hailing from the Ivory Coast) wore a singlet stating “Thank you Madiba”.  Team mate and fellow Ivorian international Emmanuel Eboue wore a similar t-shirt bearing the slogan “Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela”. It was a symbolic gesture, more than a fitting tribute to a man that changed the course of history single handedly.


Or so most of us would think.

Cue the Turkish Football Federation summoning both Drogba and Eboue for breaching a ban on wearing political statements, messages and slogans on t-shirts; meaning both players are effectively facing disciplinary action.

It’s a sad day in the world when two men can face disciplinary action for paying their respects to a giant of the world such as Mandela – but it’s a kick in the face when it’s the TFF, who have had more than their fair share of controversies over the years.

So, tell me this, TFF.  Remember the racism incident between Fenerbache and Trabzonspor last year – you know, the one where Emre Belozoglu called Didier Zokora a f**king n***er and despite regulations stating he must be suspended for four to eight games, you gave him a three week suspension?

An uneducated and cynical person might begin to wonder why Africans are treated so differently in your league. Just saying.

So for being completely out of touch with the world and, let’s face it, just being assholes, well done Turkish Football Federation.  You are this week’s winner of Batfist of the Week.

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Overly passionate Aussie sportswriter who holds as many Tour de France titles as Lance Armstrong, as many Rugby World Cups as Quade Cooper and has lost less Ashes series than Ricky Ponting. You offer me biltong, I promise I'm yours.
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